Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jesus Phobia

A friend of mine was asked to say a prayer at a formal official gathering some time ago. He was given a copy of the program and told that the prayer should only take so many minutes and then the official said, "and please don't use the name 'Jesus', it might offend someone."

On another occasion in Norwich, our Church Army Team was to be on local radio to talk about the Mission to the Norfolk Broads Holidaymakers. Prior to the recording, the Director of the show mentioned casually, "I hope you are not going to talk about Jesus."

It made me wonder why people are so afraid of using the name "Jesus" except as a curse, of course. Is there not something special about that name? Were people not healed "in the name of Jesus?" Will not every knee bend at the announcement of that name? It's worth thinking about.

Maybe we should use the name of Jesus more often.

That's what I think anyway.

Rev Ron


Mark Russell said...

well said Ron ! Good to hear from you on my blog. Every blessing, Mark

Rhea said...

I tend to think that it's BECAUSE the name of Jesus IS powerful that certain people have a phobia of it. The Bible says that the darkness hates the I would think that non-Christians wouldn't want anything to do with the word "Jesus" being used in any sort of a positive light.